How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth?

Alcohol effects on teeth

Medicinal science says that moderate consumption of alcohol is sufficient for a healthy body. But it isn’t considered for a healthy lifestyle. Frequent consumption of alcohol on a daily basis may cause damage to your body from the brain to your, blood, and your liver. But how alcohol affects your gum and teeth?

The  Centre for  Disease Control and   Prevention  (CDCP) defines a  moderate range of alcohol consumption is for women is one drinks and that for men is not more than two drink. Overconsumption of alcohol causes many severe problems to your health. Then, what about the teeth? How it affects your teeth?

Alcohol on your teeth

The people those who are getting addicted to alcohol may have frequent plaque formation very soon even after brushing. and they have permanent teeth loss nearly three times. But moderate drinkers are at the edge of serious teeth and mouth decay problems. Here are some of the changes that happen to your teeth as a result of alcohol consumption.

Tooth decay


The colour of the beverages comes from chromogens. These are attached to the tooth enamel in a compromise with acid and stain the teeth. One way to avoid this is to drink alcohol with a straw. If you have a habit that mixing coloured soda or cola with your drinks then say an ever goodbye for your white smile. It surely, discolour your teeth.


Alcohol drinking cause mouth to dry. The saliva in mouth keeps the mouth hydrated and remove plaque. Continuous use of alcohol cause dehydration in body and mouth.

Other Damages

Tooth damage increased if you chewing the ice in the drinks. This can break your teeth. Also, squeezing a lemon with alcohol cause damage to your enamel.

Another fact about alcohol is that red wine kills oral bacteria, which causes tooth decay. But never starts to drink red wine from now for this reason.

Say no to Alcohol

Whatever it is we know that deadly consumption of alcohol not only affects your teeth but also causes severe damages to your body not only for teeth. The major reason for lever and mouth cancer is alcohol. So, focus to use alcohol only for medicinal purpose, which helps to lead you towards a healthier life.


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