Threats of Crowned Tooth Therapy

In Crowned tooth therapy there are no chances of the cavity for that tooth. But in reality, most of the dentists have to handle certain cases with a cavity in a crowned tooth treatment. Let us discuss how this occurs and guidelines to maintain the crown therapy. The crown tooth therapy is a temporary treatment for tooth attain a relief, but it may also be a cavity. This may be categorized by using the installing of new tooth instead of last tooth place based on tooth therapy. But after sometimes, some of the teeth may become cavity and it may inactive and the new crown tooth may be active instead of old one.

Crown procedure in Tooth Therapy

tooth therapy

  1. Before fixing the crown the dentist will remove all the cavity substance out. Then shape it in order to fix the newly made crown.
  2. The cavity is happened due to the plaque. Plaque is a collection of debris and bacteria which normally affects the gum line and it slowly attacks the crown.
  3. If the plaque occurs in the margin( A place where the crown and tooth meet) and our oral hygiene is poor we need to replace the crown.

Guidelines to Maintain The Crown

The crown is made up of really strong material. But there are chances that the crown may have certain problems. As usual, regular brushing and flossing are important for the crown. The brushing could help you to clean the plaque and food debris. This will control the decay. If needed we need to use some cleaning materials also.

The cavities or decays can be found out with the help of a dentist. He can see the plaque in the margin and could detect the cavities near crown, veneers or other fillings. Regular check-ups needed to solve the cavity issue. If you are having serious irritation to the crowned tooth you should consult the dentist immediately.

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