Aftercare for your Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Surgery


Dental implant surgery is extremely safe, and most of the people don’t have any complications from implants. However, it’s important to notice that you simply may have side effects. Pain is one of the foremost common side effects. The anesthesia that’s used during the surgery will numb the pain. However, you’ll likely experience pain a couple of days after surgery. In most cases, pain can be alleviated with over-the-counter medications. For the fastest recovery, proper aftercare must be given for dental implant surgery.

What to do after surgery?

The following are the instructions for the aftercare of dental implant surgery.

1. Bleeding after surgery

bleeding gums

Bleeding for 24 hrs is quite normal after dental implant surgery. If your bleeding does not stop after 24 hrs, it’s better to approach your dentist immediately.

2.Eating And Drinking

eating and drinking after surgery

For the first day, you don’t eat any hot food or drink. Try to avoid too much liquid or food around the tooth implant area for this time, including touching it with your tongue. It’s also important not to eat the food of any type until the anesthetic has worn off. Do not chew food in the surgery area until after the recovery.

3.Lower Swelling

lower swelling gums

You’ll likely experience slight swelling around the incision and in your jaw. Lie down and prop your head with a pillow or two-the elevation reduces swelling. Your dentist may provide an ice pack to scale back any swelling.

4. Keep Your Mouth Extra Clean

Oral hygiene is very important for the success of Dental implant surgery. Your dentist will offer you specific instructions about cleaning your mouth after your visit.

brushing teeth after surgery

  • After surgery, rinse your mouth four or five times a day with warm saltwater. Make sure about the hotness of water. Increasing the hotness of water may negatively impact your teeth after surgery.
  • Don’t use a water jet or electric brush.
  • Do not consume alcohol for a week after surgery.

5. Take the Prescribed Medication

Did you know that vitamin C accelerates healing? Take vitamin C tablets a couple of days before your appointment.

6. Pain after Surgery

ibuprofen after surgey

Take painkillers as soon as you feel the local anesthetic gone off. A tablet such as ibuprofen will ease the pain for a limit ( NB: Follow your Doctor’s instruction). If you have severe pain, contact your dentist for prescribing you something stronger.

After your Dental implant surgery, it’s recommended to visit the dentist once in two months.

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