Abscessed Tooth

We have heard about various toothaches due to different reasons. In this, one type of a toothache caused due to an abscessed tooth. The abscess is a type of infection causes in and around of the root of a tooth. It is caused because the soft tissues of the root of the teeth may dead or inflamed. Let us check out the various reasons and remedies for abscessed teeth here.

abscessed tooth

Reasons for abscessed tooth

The condition of an abscessed tooth is really painful. It is caused by an unattended tooth decay or small cracks in the tooth or through gum infection. Your mouth is a factory of bacteria and when small cracks or infection causes it will try to get inside the teeth, ie the root of the teeth. When the bacterial infection starts our immune system will produce white blood cells to attack the bacteria. And it will create pus in the gum or related area. Then once the pus got filled then it starts to cover the tip of the jaw. Due to pressure and activity of white blood cells and bacteria, you will have great pain.


  • Usual symptoms include,
  • a toothache – An abscessed pain will be there while you chew.
  • Swelling of gums – The gums will swell due to the abscess
  • There will be a pain in the nearby areas like ear, jaw or neck.
  • The gums will have colour change especially red coloured.
  • You will have sensitivity towards hot or cold food items.
  • You may have a slight fever.


Usually, the treatment for the abscessed tooth is done by an experienced dentist. He will perform a root canal or an endodontic surgery. In this, the abscess is completely removed and cleaned. Then the empty space is filled. After the treatment, the doctor will add a crown to give safety for the filling as well as your teeth.

In severe condition, the doctor may take the abscessed tooth to avoid more complications. You can either add false teeth in order to keep the alignment of the teeth. The doctor prescribes some sort of antibiotics to reduce the pain and to reduce the effect of bacterial infections.

How to reduce the pain from Abscessed Teeth?

  • Avoid hot or cold food items

The extreme temperatures will increase the pain. Because right now our dentin (a layer of teeth) is exposed. The extreme temperatures of icecreams, tea, coffee etc will give a problem to your teeth.

  • Avoid food items with more sugar or acidic nature

The juices and soft drinks have an acidic nature and it will give problems to your teeth. They will reduce the pH level in the mouth and demineralization starts. And this will increase the sensitivity of your teeth and thus pain starts.

  • Pain Relief Medicines

If you couldn’t bear the pain you can ask for a painkiller to your doctor. Usually, the doctors prescribe one in order to avoid the complications.

  • Rinse with warm salt water

The lukewarm water with little bit salt can be used to rinse the mouth to reduce the pain. This will try to protect your teeth by destroying the bacteria.

  • Flossing

You can also floss regularly in between the abscessed teeth and surrounded teeth in order to remove the food particles. Because the food particles are the contributors of bacteria. They will easily grow up with the food particles and will start to attack and destroy the teeth with the abscess.

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