• Oral Health Care During COVID-19

    Tips to Take Care of Your Oral Health During COVID-19   Oral health is important in daily life. We are here to help your oral health care during the COVID 19 pandemic situation . The current crisis situation made many people put their dental appointment on hold. Especially, unlike other things dental health care during

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  • Early childhood caries in children

    Early childhood caries in children Early childhood caries means cavities or tooth decay in small children, that is from birth to 6 years old. Children are very sensitive to tooth decay. Because their enamel on the tooth is less protective than the permanent tooth enamel. So, it is very important to monitor your child’s sugary

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  • Cosmetic Dentistry and It’s Benefits

      Today cosmetic dentistry became popular across the world and many people came with an interest to change or repair their physical appearance. There are many dental cosmetic treatments to correct certain dental defects to improve their physical attire.  The quick and beautiful results force people to do cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry involves safe and

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